Breed Info

The Poodles are companion and toy dogs from the FCI Group 9. The breed comes in four varieties: toy, miniature, medium and standard. The optional colours are apricot, grey, red, black, white and brown. 

The breed is an elegant-looking and one of the most intelligent dog with a medium proportions, a characteristic frizzy coat which is either curly or corded. The breed is harmoniously built and has a proud manner of carrying itself. They are generally constantly alert and active, loyal and always ready to do something fun with you. 


Poodles are in their best when having a nice, clean and trimmed coat. If you want to have a Poodle, you have to take care of the coat. Are you ready to do the washing, drying and grooming regularly? It will need your time and effort but it will be worth it.

Family friendly

Poodles are suitable for families with children if the children are enough old to know the rules. A friendship of a dog and a child can be exceptional.


Poodles are faithful for their owners. You are the most important thing in their life. They love to be part of the family and they love to be part of the activities of the owners.

Excercise liked

Poodles are active and love to use their brains and work with you. They are generally easy to motivate. They learn quickly new things. Poodles are suitable for many different hobbies, of course it depends of the dog's personality.

A Dwarf Poodle

28-35 cm


This is a smart, loving dog who wants and needs to spend lots of time with their people. A fun-loving dog, who is always ready to play with you. Most of the Poodles enjoy playing and will spend much of their time in various activities.


Poodles are generally considered to be a healthy breed with few health issues. Like every breed,  also poodles  have some genetic diseases. Please, read the recommendations of the healthiness by checking the Finnish Poodle Club’s website.

In Dwarf Poodles, you should expect to see good enough health clearances from the Breeding Database at least for knees and eyes.    

Grooming a puppy

The breeder should begin grooming your Poodle at a young age and teach your puppy to stand on a table to make this experience easier on both of you. You have to continue the work at home. Do the prushing, washing, drying and grooming the coat regularly.