About Us

I hope to share my passion for Poodles by using my experience of dogs and my willing to learn more every day. 


My dream is to breed quality Dwarf Poodles in colour of apricot with the right temperament and appearance of the breed. I use only health tested parents who present the top of the breed. A real Poodle carries itself proudly and seems to dance on the floor. I love the elegance, straightness and the attitude of this breed. A well-cared coat, springy movements, beautiful head and the energy of these dogs; Poodles are the royalties of dogs. 


I  follow the recommendations of the Finnish Kennel Club and the Finnish Poodle Club in my breeding. I have passed the basic course of dog breeding. The course was organised by The Finnish Kennel Club. I’m a member of The Finnish Kennel Club (Suomen Kennelliitto), The Finnish Poodle Club (Suomen Villakoirakerho) and Finnish Dog Breeders (Suomen Koirankasvattajat ry).

Sini Lavastre
Founder of Kennel Mignonette

Back to the childhood

Animals have always had an important part in my life, especially horses and dogs. I practically lived my younghood in the middle of horses. I got my first dog, a schipperke, when I moved to my first own home after high school. 

The next big step

Years passed by, our family growed up by children and our first dogs went to the green fields.  It was time to find a new dog and a new breed.

We wanted to find a small, active, beautiful, intelligent, easy to train and hypoallergenic breed. My friend got her first Dwarf Poodle and she was amazed by the wiseness of her dog. That’s it! A Dwarf Poodle!


Our family got our first Dwarf Poodle, ”Musa”, in 2017. Since then the Poodles took a place in our hearts and I finally found knew that the Poodle was the right breed for us.

I have a dream; to become a breeder

Since Poodles took a big part of my life, I got an idea to become a breeder of Dwarf Poodles. Unfortunately our first Poodle Musa has problems in her healthiness. She has a distichiasis in her eyes and she has a sensitive digestive systems. Because of these problems, we did an extra work while trying to find another suitable Poodle to complement our family.

Dwarf Poodle in colour of apricot

It took almost a year to find a good enough female. We had an anourd to get to know breeder Arja Immonen and her beautiful Dwarf Poodles from her Kennel Sawnpool’s.


Our little diamond, the joy of my life, Sawnpool’s Kaitlin Mignonne ”Mimi”, came to us in 2019. Mimi is a little beaty, the princess of the Poodles. 


The rest is history…